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Neon Lights

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1h 30min | Thriller


Executive Producers: Qamar Qureshi,  Peter Hwang, Jay Wilgar, Mustafa Zia, Anesh Maharaj, Tonya Hawkins, Tony Williams & Andrew Buck


Producers: Dana Abraham, Kim Coates, Jazz Brar and Trevor Smith 


Writers: Dana Abraham, Rouzbeh Heydari (story by),

Nik Benn (story editor)


Director: Rouzbeh Heydari


Cinematographer: Dmitry Lopatin


Starring: Dana Abraham, Brenna Coates, Brit MacRae, Rene Escobar Jr., Erika Swayze, Stephen Tracey, Lauren Howe and Kim Coates

When the lights, camera, and press become overwhelming for Clay, a thirty-two-year-old revolutionary tech tycoon on the verge of a hostile takeover, he vanishes to an estate off the grid. 


To secure peace and heal the childhood traumas holding him back from propulsion in his adulthood and career, he is joined by his estranged and adopted siblings.


What starts as an alluring family reunion of several misfits and their off-spring quickly takes a wrong turn when the newly arrived guests begin disappearing.

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