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Black Cat

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1h 45min | Thriller

Writer: Dana Abraham

Based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe, this true adaptation begins with an ambitious Software Developer, specialized in Biomedical Engineering, Sukeeb Paul.


The soon-to-be revolutionary MedTech CEO is the face of the true 'American Dream': a young immigrant tech entrepreneur, serendipitously meets the love of his life Sumayra Jefferies, jogging through Central Park, while reshaping the world, through his medical diagnosis app. But as the law of gravity would have it, what goes up, must come down.


This 'happily ever after' is cut short with a jaw-dropping turn for the worse as those around the pair begin disappearing. Black Cat is an unravelling of twists and turns and battle of self-identity, and insanity.


A story of possession, darkness and a life-long family curse, passed down from generation to generation. And where did it all begin?... Pluto- the one-eyed Black Cat.

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