A Hundred Lies

1h 45min  |  Drama

Executive Producer: Qamar Qureshi,

Jay Wilgar, Peter Hwang

Producer: Jazz Brar, Trevor Smith and Dana Abraham

Writer: Dana Abraham

Director: Rouzbeh Heydari

Starring: Rob Raco, Dana Abraham


While working at a run-down dingy bar in the east end of Toronto, Ricky, is proposed an alluring opportunity by his colleague, co-bartender, Damian to connect him with Reaper, an underground urban music producer.

In need of a “way out,” and to support his mother, who’s in a long-term care home, Ricky takes the opportunity. A rocker, turned pop singer, at the hands of Reaper Records, his career begins sky-rocketing.


But everything comes with a price. Ricky and Damian are left fighting for more than a career.