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Commercial Media

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We build and invest in impactful media properties that have commercial potential and can scale rapidly. How? We identify "undervalued" content opportunities and invest in them - using our experienced media and content team to actively increase the value of these properties  

Data + Evidence

We use data and evidence to identify large groups and communities that are not currently covered by mainstream content and media companies

Build + Invest

We build strategic relationships using our background in investment and capital allocation to acquire, invest in, and build media value around these communities

Operate + Catalyze

Our experienced team of media, entertainment, sports and content operators, actively create value in these properties. We create catalysts for these properties to go from undervalued to fully-valued

Our Properties

"Unlock the commercial and content value of Men's and Women's Cricket in Canada"

Cricket is the fasting growing sport in Canada at the grassroots level - fueled by favorable immigration trends and a massive base of players registered in clubs and high school leagues.


What is missing? To date, there has been no formal commercial strategy for the sport. Yet, grassroots cricket level presents incredible programming and content monetization opportunities

With a goal of building the sport at a time when its at its trough in the country, Red Hill Entertainment purchased the rights to be Cricket Canada's commercial and investment partner in 2022

It's time to unlock the commercial value of cricket in Canada

Cricket Canada

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Cricket Canada.png

Unless we're talking about the "Men's Major Leagues", individual sports properties are broken in Canada. Individually, they lack the scale, capital and engagement to warrant significant sponsorship.

Women’s, Emerging, Inclusive & Community (WEIC) sports struggle at the individual sport level - but together, could present one of the most powerful latent sponsorship and content opportunities once consolidated

Teams Canada is a consolidator of WEIC sports, already having acquired multiple sports - Men & Women's rugby, cricket, and ultimate frisbee - with more to come

"Architect Women's, Emerging, Inclusive & Community Sports in Canada"

Knowledgehook is a leading Canadian-based educational technology company that actively collaborates with governments around the world while also working directly with districts and schools to offer curriculum-aligned education solutions in English, French, and Spanish. The company currently empowers teachers in more than 175,000 schools. In 2022, it is anticipated the solution will reach 50,000,000 students globally. 


Winner of Google’s Game Changer Award and named Top Disruptor by BNN, its platform analyses student understanding through engaging assessments, providing real-time personalised solutions to close learning gaps between classroom teaching and at-home learning. Designed by leading numeracy and research experts, Knowledgehook’s Instructional Guidance System is known for reinventing how online technology supports education and educators while inspiring the problem solvers of tomorrow.


"The leading EdTech provider and first real-time, teacher math professional development platform"

"An evidence-based approach to creating exercise content that improves clinical conditions"

Rhea is a digital rehabilitation platform that uses tailored, evidence-based movements to help people recover from concussion. Rhea's exercise protocols are personally curated for a concussion patient based on their individualized symptoms

The nature of concussion symptoms has allowed Rhea's exercise algorithms to extend across multiple clinical conditions - dementia, anxiety disorders, depression etc.

Built by the Canadian research leader in Concussion studies, the University of Toronto, Ontario Brain Institue, Thought (a leading impact investment firm) - Rhea produces evidence-based exercise content at high volumes, and personalizes these content packs depending on one's clicnical conditions. 

Gardenstead is a data-driven content comment. Gardening is a "niche" for content creators, but it shouldn't be. Gardening communities have incredible engagement and loyalty metrics. 

Gardenstead was built by a sophisticated team of passionate gardeners, data scientists, and marketers who surgically built the social media community from under 100,000 followers and 10,000 subscribers in January 2021, to 500,000 followers and 40,000 subscribers. Next stop - one million users 

Acquiring small gardening communities is a very accretive and attractive opportunity and Gardenstead is well positioned to both grow the community, and create programming to monetize it

"Be the first to truly consolidate the content and programming needs of the gardening industry"

Our Value Proposition
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