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2h 15min | Action, Drama 

Writer: Ron Dias & Joanne Jansen

Director: Ron Dias

Starring: Kiana Madeira, Lovell Adams-Gray, Fefe Dobson, Inigo Pascual

Based on true events.



In Toronto's inner city of Scarborough, where the working class struggles to survive and crime and drugs are rampant, Amber, a bright 14-year-old girl, and her single mother Afifa experience the everyday trials and tribulations of living in this neighbourhood.


After showing some promise at a local singing competition, Amber and Afifa celebrate by attending a block BBQ, expected to be a safe space and a celebration to the end of summer.


Meanwhile, Nipsey and his brother Breeze perpetuate the cycle of violence and drug peddling within their streets, while Nipsey is doing whatever it takes to get out of the hood. Nipsey's longtime live-in girlfriend, Shanice, kicks him out for cheating, and he finds a gun in her car.



Joshua, 23, from a supportive Filipino family, has dreams of becoming a police officer and is excited to join his friends at the Morningside BBQ. Gunfire erupts between two rival hoodlums at the barbecue, injuring 25 people and killing Amber and Joshua. Josh's friends try to save his life until they are unjustly restrained by the police, leaving Joshua to die.

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