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90min | Slasher 

Writer: Patrick Cahoon

Director: Patrick Cahoon

LIAM has been with his boyfriend since high-school, and to be suddenly dumped comes as a shock to him. He accepts his fate as a newly single gay man, and wastes no time signing up for the app all his friends are using, HUNTR.


The location-based app has a plethora of people on its grid, all looking for different things, and all incredibly horny. His friends, MICHAEL, RORY, JAY, and ELLIOT, help him navigate the fresh world of HUNTR. 


Unknown to them, a killer has arrived in town and is making their way through the grid. Lurking behind the dead, the killer is undetectable on the app and is always hunting for their next victim.


When podcaster, GLEN WATERS, shows up, and a friend goes missing, Liam finds himself wrapped up in a nightmare scenario. As he and his friends try to unravel the mystery behind the killer, not everyone makes it out alive and the final showdown reveals something truly terrifying.

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